5 Days musher expedition experience

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Duration:  5 days 

Season: 1.th January . - 1.th May

Price: 16000 NOK pr. person

Amount: Min. 4 people. Max 8 people.

ActivityDriving instruction, mushing lessons, dog and mushing insigth.

Clothing: Warm clothing, appropriate for dogsledding in cold weather. 

Level of difficulty: Medium. You will handel your own dogsled team with four or more dogs over to the Finnmark plateau.

Food: Included


Your guide, Tom 

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The experience


Dogsled trip in Finnmark.

We will be traveling from Varangerhalvøya and over to Laksefjorvidda whit the dogsleds. This trip is all about the nature. The sound of the northern lights, wind and the dogs enjoying the wild nature is priceless. You will get to know the dogs very well on this trip.

You will sett them into the team, feed them and get a lot of time to work whit them on a sled. The dogs are specialised to pull a sled, and this is what they love more than anything in the world. 

We will be sledding in areas whit little or no other people.

The nature will start from the sea level, into and through forests and up to the mighty Finnmark plateau. On this trip your mind will be floating in thoughts and it will go into a special chill mode-trance. Your mind finds peace whit the silence and all the spectres that nature will give. 

Your guides will be professional mushers with a lot of experience, and you will learn a lot from them. They will provide you with all the skills you will need to be abele to handle the dogs in all terrains and weather conditions. 
After a day of training you will get to ride your own dogsled for the entire trip. 

To be in a normal health or better on this trip is a plus. The weather and the surroundings is always changing. We guarantee that this is a trip you will remember for the rest of your life. 

On our trips the safety is our highest priority. We will go over the safety features of the trip before and under the trip. We have all the necessary equipment whit us to be outside in the winter. Our 150 training days with the dogs gives us the experience we need to be taking you on this epic trip. 
We will be sledding 30-50 kilometres a day. 

The plan

Day one: 
Meet up at the Bergeby gård (farm) in Nesseby. If you need transport from Kirkenes, this can be arranged for an extra fee. Here we will go over the equipment, the plan, the route and the safety of the trip. Its important that you have clothing that fits the conditions. We will stay the night at the bergeby gård. 

Day two: 
Training day. We will get to know the equipment and the dogs for real. We will have a test run to get into the sone. The focus will the be to get to know all you need to know to start the trip up to the plateau. In the evening there will be possible to take a relaxing sauna. 

Day three. 
Start of the expedition. On the first stage we will sled over the mountains to cabin in Masjok, Tana. 

Day fore: 
From Masjok to the plateau. We will stay the night on the plateau in a traditional sami gamme and tents. Laksefjordvidda is a peaceful place with optimal conditions to see the northern lights. Ice fishing is also something that you can do in the lakes near to the camp.

Day five: 
From the laksefjordvidda and down to the sea level again. The trip will end in the small town Smallfjord. A better dinner in our cabin with a possibility to take a sauna will be the end destination of the expedition. 

On this trip you will learn all that there is to know about the mushing life. Our guides are also very glad to talk about the area and the way of living in the area. 

The food is included. 

If you have some questions take give us a call or write. We can also make shorter trips or other trips that will fits your schedule