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Ice fishing for arctic char



Duration: Day-trip (4 hours)

Time: From 10:00 to 14:00 in the period: 01.12.19 until 10.05.20 or at reqest. 

Price: 2900 NOK pr. person.

Equipment: We will provide all neccesary equipment.

Clothing: Warm winter clothes. 

Level of difficulty: Medium, walking a small distance. 

Accesibilty: This fits people whit good helth. 

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Arctic char ice fishing 

Treat youself, and/or your family on a wildlife ice fishing adventure with us! Through many years of fishing in the lakes of Karasjok, we know the best spots to get a arctic char. Travel with in untouched nature, and get a arctic fishing experience of your lifetime. Our guides will provide you with ice fishing rods, and help you get started.