About Samipath

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Samipath was created in 2001. We offer year round nature based experiences and adventures. Some of us are reindeer herders, others are fishers and hunters. We have many experiences we want to share with you, not only as guides.

Our adventures roam the great expanses of Finnmark, yet we retain a good knowledge of the local situation. The places we take you as a tourist, fisher or hunter are those we have visited ourselves, already as children with our parents and our reindeer herds.


Karasjok is a Norwegianized form of the Northern Sami language name Kárášjohka. The meaning of the first element could be káráš from Northern Sami which could mean "food plate of wood", or from Finnish, kara, "something that sticks". The last element is johka which means "river". 

The name of the municipality was Karasjok until 1990 when it was changed to Kárášjohka-Karasjok. It was the third municipality in Norway to get a Sami name. In 2005, the name was again changed, such that either Kárášjohka or Karasjok can be used.