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Duration:  1,5hr / 2hr / 3hr

Time: Monday to Friday 17:30 - 20:00

           Saturday to Sunday 12:00 - 16:00

Season: 15th Nov. - 30th April

Price: NOK 750 / NOK 850 / NOK 1200

Amount: Min. 1 people. Max 4 people.

Activity: Instructions, then a cross-country ski trip.

Temperature: If its below minus 15 degress

celsius we'll have to cancel, its neither comfortable or fun to ski if it's too cold.

Included: Skiing equipment, hot drinks and snacks.

Clothing: Warm clothing, appropriate for dogsledding in cold weather. Unfortunately we do not provide clothing on this service.

Level of difficulty: Medium, you will be skiing.

IMPORTANT: In the booking section we need information about your approximate weight, height, and shoe size!

The experience


Here above the Arctic circle, cross country skiing has always been an important way of moving through the snow.  Although no longer a vital means of transport, it remains a wonderful and exciting way to venture into our winter countryside.
We provide courses accommodating to all levels of skills, no matter where you come from.
Our experienced guides and instrucors look forward to sharing their vast knowledge of skiing and winter with you.
Contact us with questions or to learn more.


Beginners course


Never done any skiing, or only tried when you were young?

We'll get you on your skis and teach you the basics. 

The difficulty level is entirely up to you, our aim is to help you enjoy an hour of cross country skiing in the easy tracks.

This course lasts for approximately 1,5 hours. 

Book beginners course.

Intermediate trip

If you have a bit of experience and have tried skiing before, this is for you.  We'll get you kittet up, brush up on your skills and take you skiing in the prepared ski-tracks. It'll take about an hour, and we will tailor it to suit your level of skills.

This trip lasts for approximately 2 hours. 

Book intermediate trip.

Advanced excursion


If you've done a lot of skiing and would like to experience Karasjoks long and beautiful ski-tracks, this is for you.  We'll evaluate your skills, find you the right gear, and guide you on a magical 18-kilometer wilderness trip: over lakes and through forests, up to the mountain plateau and back down into the river valley.  

This excursion lasts for approximately 3 hours. 

Book advanced excursion.