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During the winter you can experience northern-lights tours, visit a real reindeer herd and icefishing trips. Click here to see our winter activies.


During the fall, summer & spring, you can experience riverboat tours and  many other hunting/fishing activies. Click here to see our summer activies.

Grouse hunting.
1200 NOK pr. person
Daytrip with snowmobile sled & 3-course meal.
2000 NOK pr. person            
Salmon Fishing.
1200 NOK pr. person
An evening at the reindeer herd & northern lights.
2390 NOK pr. person

Sámmol Nystad

Founders and owners:

Ammon Nystad

 John Nystad 

Ann Solveig Nystad

 Lemet Maurstad 

The most memorable meal experience you've ever had, and Karasjok best view
Snowmobile tour w/food
3 hr
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

We offer daily riverboat trips. The riverboat trips last for about one hour. Contact us for more information.  

You can find us at Stuorrageadgi, in Karasjok. Click here for a map to find our location.

Watch the video below to get a taste of one of our summer tours.