River boat trips season opening – summer in Sàpmi.

Finally summer. This means that we descend from the mountain and down to the river.

Summer means season opening of the river boat trips. It will now be possible to book trips on our webpage, and this season lasts until the end of September.
The river boat tours will take place in and around the center of Karasjok, but it will be possible to book longer tours outside the center for those who wish this.
These trips far up the waterway will not be published, but can be booked by contacting us.

This year, we at Samipath will come up with many new summer offers that we are absolutely sure you will like. 
Offers that will arrive shortly are: accommodation in tents at our new wilderness campsite, wood-fired hot tub and sauna by the riverside, gold panning and fishing offers - to name a few. 

You will find us by the river. If you have any questions, just get in touch https://www.samipath.com/contact/