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Løvemammaene, a programme for parents with children who need that little extra.

The mums of the leaves

Samipath was involved in helping to organise the first meeting, which was about the Leaf Mums in the village. We have created a small letter that informs about what this is:

Løvemammaene is a Norwegian interest organisation working for the rights of families with seriously ill children, children with disabilities, and children with special needs. Here are some key points about the organisation:

Løvemammaene was founded to be a voice for families who often fall through the cracks or experience challenges when dealing with the healthcare system, the school system and other public services. The organisation works for better rights, better care and increased understanding of the situation of these families.

The Lion Mums offer support and counselling to families, including help with navigating bureaucratic processes and accessing necessary services. They organise meetings, webinars, and conferences to spread knowledge and share experiences. The organisation also works with political advocacy to change and improve laws and regulations that affect their member families..

Membership is open to anyone who supports the organisation's purpose, and especially to parents and relatives of children who fall within the target group. Løvemammaene is run by volunteers who are often themselves parents of children with special needs, which gives them a unique insight into the issues they work with.

The association collaborates with other organisations, healthcare professionals and authorities to improve conditions for their target group. They are active in the media to raise awareness of the challenges faced by families with sick and disabled children.

We at Samipath want to continue to support this work and hope that more people will attend the meetings and events in the future. Please contact us if you have any questions and we can pass on the information to our contact person within the lion mums in Finnmark.