The summer season with river boat trips

The National Wildlife Centre Tana - Project Joddu visited us this week. The focus was naturally the river and the Tana watercourse. There was a trip up the river with the river boats, after which they went to the wilderness camp and the big barn to have dinner and socialise.

I recommend anyone interested in salmon fishing to visit the centre. They do a great job in relation to the administration and have many offers that children and young people can take advantage of. The centre is based in Tana bru and can be visited at

Do you also want team building tours. Boat trips or take advantage of our wilderness camp: contact us.

More about; National Wildlife Centre

National Wild Salmon Centre is an important centre in Norway dedicated to conservation, research and dissemination of knowledge about wild salmon and its ecosystems. The centre is particularly focused on the Tana river system, one of the most important salmon rivers in the world.

Goals and Tasks

The centre's main objective is to promote sustainable management of wild salmon stocks. This is achieved through several important tasks:

  • Research and development: Conduct research on the behaviour, ecology and population development of wild salmon.
  • Dissemination: Increase public awareness of the importance of wild salmon through educational programmes, exhibitions and publications.
  • Conservation: Work with concrete measures to protect and preserve wild salmon habitats and ensure sustainable populations.

Headquarters in Tana Bru

The centre's headquarters are in Tana Bru, located in the heart of the Tana watercourse. This provides a unique opportunity to work closely with the natural habitat of wild salmon.

Project Joddu

Project Joddu is part of the centre's work focusing on the river ecosystem in the Tana watercourse. The project includes:

  • Riverboat trips: Guided tours that provide insight into the ecology and history of the river.
  • Wilderness camp: Accommodation and activities in the Great Lodge, where you can learn more about the Sami culture and wilderness life.

Offers for Children and Young People

The National Wild Salmon Centre has a number of offers for children and young people that generate interest and commitment to nature and wild salmon:

  • School programmes: Educational programmes that combine theory and practice.
  • Summer camps: Activities and courses in nature, aimed at learning about fishing, ecology and environmental protection.

Management and co-operation

The centre works closely with local and national authorities, research institutions and NGOs to ensure comprehensive management of wild salmon stocks. This includes:

  • Research and monitoring: Continuous monitoring of salmon stocks in order to be able to implement necessary measures.
  • International co-operation: Collaborate with other countries and institutions to exchange knowledge and experience.