Fishing in Tana and Masjok 

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Duration: 4 day trip

Time:  Thursday 14:00 PM - Sunday 14.00 PM

Season: 10th.June - 9th August

Price: 13000 NOK pr. person.

Amount: 3 persons, contact us for offers if you are more or less than 3.

Clothing: Clothes appropriate for the weather and the activities. 

Level of difficulty: Easy / Medium 

Accesibilty: This tour fits for most people. 

Included: Fishing guide / chef, food, hot beverages, culture insight, sauna and lavvu to sleep in

Recommended to bring: Gear you need to camp outside, fishing gear and snacks.

Not included: Alcohol and fishing license

Meeting point: Tana sentrum (link)

OBS: This trip is for the Norwegians only, this is due to the regulations for the rivers we are going to fish in.


The experience

The program:

Thursday, we meet up in Tana around 1400. We do pack up the ATV`s and drive up to the mountains and to the upper parts of Masjok river. There we will put up the camp together. We are going to sleep in a lavvu. We will bring chairs for everyone so we can enjoy a meal by the campfire. After the meal there will be a possibility to fish or rest by the camp.


Friday, up around 0800, breakfast and prep for a day of fishing. We are going to fish Masjok and Sommerelva.

Info about the river: The Máskejohka River,is made up by the two smaller tributaries Geasis and Uvjalátnja. The rivers has their out springs far into the Finnmark Plateau, and drains into the Tana River. In total it is about 55 km of the river is accessible to salmon. In this river, the salmon population includes small-sized salmon, some middle-sized salmon and a few larger-sized salmon. In the upper parts there is also a good chance of catching big sized trout’s. we recommend light weigh rods for the fishing in this rivers. After a long day of fishing we will return to the camp for dinner and story’s. The camp is near to the river so if someone feels like fishing can go for it after dinner.


Saturday, up at 0800. Morning routine and then we are going to fish some more. After some hours of fishing we are going to pack up the camp and head down to the great river of tana. We are going to take a traditional sami riverboat and set camp by the island Holmen near the tana bridge. Here we are going to fish from the shore and from the riverboat.

Info about the tana river: The main River in the Tana Watercourse is the Deatnu River, also known as the Tana River. Running from south to north, the Tana River starts at the point of confluence of the Kárášjohka River and the Anarjohka River. The river runs for 211 km before entering the Barents Sea via the Tana Fjord. The water in the river generally flows with a low speed due to the river course being broad and large parts of the river floor consisting of sand. The Norwegian salmon record is taken in this river. The tana river is known for big salmon, so we recommend to have heavy equipment with fresh lines on the rod. Here you can catch the catch of a lifetime.


Sunday, up at 0800, same morning routine. Some fishing, food and sauna. We will be back again in the city center again around 1500.