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Fox hunting


Duration: 2-3 hours. 

Period: 15.07. - 15.04

Time: At request. 

Price: 1000 NOK pr. person.

Amount: Max 1 - 4 people.

Clothing: You can rent warm clothes, and shoes if you need it. 

Included; Guide/hunter, caming equitment, raindeer skinn to sit on, googles, predator call, hot drink,  camouflage after the season.

Level of difficulty: Medium/high

Accesibilty: This tour fits people whit good health and interest for hunting. 

Hunting for wild foxes


The red fox is a curious and cheeky predator, so fox lure hunting challenges your experience and preparation for the hunt. Foxes are in abundance in the arctic. Unlike many countries, Norway has legal fox hunting. Fox hunting is vital for the local eco-system, to keep the number of predators at bay. This is a hunting form that is attracting more and more interest. The hunt for the fox must be adjusted with the season and the local conditions, it takes a lot of patience, good camouflage and long shot habit. 
There are several important conditions to consider including terrain, weather, scents, breeding periods, prey, time of day etc.
It is the easiest time to lure foxes during the cold season. 

The optimal time of day will be from dawn onward or at dusk. The fox is active during the same periods of the day where its prey is active, so it is also possible to hunt even in the middle of the day. Many fox hunters express that the early morning when the sun rises is their favourite time.