Gold panning in the Anarjohka area


Duration: One week, Monday - Sunday

Time:  150 hours

Season: 6.thJuly - 30.August

Price: 17900 NOK pr. person.

Amount: Minumum: 1 , Maximum: 8-10

Clothing: Clothes appropriate for the weather. 

Level of difficulty: Medium 

Accesibilty: This tour fits for most people. with normal health.

Included: Guide,, breakfast, lunches, dinner,  supper, hot beverages, culture insight, gold stories, place to stay the nigth, transportation during the stay and more.

Meeting point: Lakselv airport, Banak, we can pick you up. Or at our base Ivvar Ivvár geavli 32, 9730 Karasjok 

The experience

This year the camp is far up in the river delta. It takes us 3 hours to get there after we leave the cars and start the ATV`s. The nature is pure and wild.

We are going to pan in one of the gold hotspots in Norway.

On this trip you have a one of Norway’s best gold diggers with you as a guide, mentor and chef.

He is a skilled man of the nature and has years of experience with trips like this. He is going to make sure that you are safe, give you the local stories and make sure the most out of the trip. You will sleep in military tents, eat food made on the fire and wash gold in one of the most remote areas of Scandinavia.

This trip has a 100% gold guarantee. In the surroundings it is possible to fish for trout and other fish. Trout over 2 kilos has become a standard on the trips.

We provide with most of the gear, but we recommend that you take a sleeping bag, proper clothing for the seasonal weather and what ever you normally would take on a camping trip of personal belongings. If you have some questions about this, do not hesitate to take contact.

The last night a lot of our guest wanted to stay at the hotel in the city of Karasjok (link), if this is something you would like, then I have to inform that this is a extra free on this. We can help you with the booking if you like.