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Grouse hunting adventure

Experience a traditional grouse hunt

Grouse hunting is a tradition in Norway that is greatly appreciated and every year 10′s of thousands of hunters go out to hunt willow- and rock grouse. Finnmark is a very popular destination amongs Norwegian hunters, as we have the densest population of ptarmigan. We welcome you to a traditional grouse hunt, the traditional Sami way.

About our grouse hunts?

The grouse hunting season opens on 10 September. Foreigners are obliged to have a local guide with them. Information about the hunting rules in Finnmark in English can be found at this link We will transport you to and from the airports in Lakselv and Alta. You will travel by ATV cycle with a trailer to the hunting areas. On guided hunts we provide with good pointing dogs and experienced guides.

Our standard hunting camp

Staying at a camp in the hunting area makes your stay more exciting. You live and spend the night among the grouse and can hear them «guffawing» while you are resting in the camp. We do our utmost to make your stay pleasant so that your trip will provide you with many interesting memories during the winter months that follow.

Accommodation is in tents, heated by a paraffin or wood-burning oven. You sleep on folding beds lined with reindeer skins. Alternatively we offer a “back to basics” option: if you prefer, you may stay in a traditional lavvo (tipi), with an open fire in the middle, sleeping on birch twigs covered with reindeer skins. These are the two normal ways that we accommodate our guests.

The camp is equipped for 4 hunters. By hunting from a camp you are not bound to a few specific hunting areas. The campsite is placed in areas where there are grouse. You will be guided and transported to the hunting areas by ATV cycle and trailer. We provide all your food and drink.


Travel facts


sept – nov


  • Karasjok, Norway



  • 1:1

  • 2:1

  • unguided


Huntable Species

  • rock ptarmigan

  • willow grouse

  • hare



Our general program is 7 days, of which 5 hunting days. Some packages may have alternative Iteneraries

  • day 1 – Arrival

  • Day 2 transfer to hunting camp

  • Day 3, 4, 5, 6 – Hunting

  • day 7 – Departure


Our packages include

  • Accomodation

  • Full board (not all!)

  • Fully guided (not all!)

  • All permits and formalities

  • Transport from the airport


Our packages do not include

  • Aifares

  • trophy preperation

  • trophy shipping

  • alcoholic beverages

  • beverages that are not served with the meals


Price indication

At a standard camp: From NOK 6000 per person, with a minimum of 2 persons at the camp, without a guide and provisions.