Grouse hunt at the Finnmark plateau

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Duration: One week trip

Time:  After reqest

Season: 10th.September - 1.November

Price: 20000 NOK pr. camp 

Amount: 2 persons 

Clothing: Clothes appropriate for the weather. 

Level of difficulty: Medium 

Accesibilty: This tour fits for most people. with normal health.

Included: Prepared hunting camp, and ATV transport 

Meeting point: Sápmi Park Karasjok (link)


The experience

We will meet up and we will give you alle the

infomation you need about the destination and

you will get all the information about the hunt

and hunting conditions in the area.

Staying at one of our mountain camps out in the

hunting area makes your stay more exciting. You live

and spend the night among the grouse and can hear

them while you are resting in the camp. Quality and comfort are very important to us, but we still want you to feel the nature and be one with it. 
We do our utmost to make your stay pleasant and memorable. 

We offer stay in standard venorgamme, the tents are equipment with gasheater or wood-burning oven, foldable beds lined with reindeer skins or other soft material, 

We don’t have permanent locations for the tent-camps, the hunting camp locations will be decided some time before arrival. This is to get the best hunting spot for you guys. 


More info on or call us for a hunting chat.