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Introduction to kiting


Duration: Select from the list below

Time: 4-10 hours

Period: Desember - 30.April

Booking; On reqest, send us a massage

Price: 2400 - 6000 NOK pr. person.

Amount: 1-2 persons

Included: Kite, bar og harness, guide, hot drinks.

Clothing: You need to have winter clothes, and snowboard or ski equitment. 

Level of difficulty: High

Accesibilty: This tour fits people in good physical shape.

Meeting point: Scandic hotel Karasjok

Introduction to kiting

Do you want to learn how to kite? Our kiting instructor has 15 years of experience, and will gladly teach you everything he knows. Go with us on a full day excursion to the windy mountains.

During the courses: 

  • Kite theory, selection of the best conditions for the training and kiting, safety rules, preparation of kite equipment, crisis management, wind theory, practical training with the kite.

  • Preparation of kites, safe take- off and landing of the kite, standing-up using the kite, starting to ride with kite on skis.

  • Riding there and back, stopping the ride

  • Training of the upwind rising, practicing of simple maneuvers and turns.

  • Kite and have fun 


Most of the times are on reqest:

4 hours snowkiting course 1 student / 1 trainer - 2400 NOK  (is bookable and starts at 10:00)

6 hours snowkiting course 1 student / 1 trainer - 3200 NOK

8 hours snowkiting course 1 student / 1 trainer - 4100 NOK 

10 hours snowkiting course 1 student / 1 trainer - 6000 NOK

(+1 person = 500NOK ekstra)