Mountain lodge expedition



Duration:  3 days 

The trip: From Alta to Suossjavri, this is a epic 120km round trip. 

Time: Start (day 1) 09:00 - End 13:00 (day 3)

Season:  1st Dec. - 31th March

Price: 22000 NOK pr. person

Amount: Max 10 people.

Clothing: We provide all clothing.

Level of difficulty: Medium, you can choose to sit in a sled, or drive a snowmobile yourself.

A valid driving license is required if you want to drive the snowmobile.

ActivityRead detailed activity description below.

Included: Accomodation, snowmobile, fuel, clothing, transport, 3 meals pr. day, hut tub & sauna, icefishing equipment.

Meeting pointStorengveien 21, 9515 Alta.


Experience the Finnmarkplateau

Welcome to the Suossjavri mountain lodge!

Day one

The day will start of at nine PM, meetup at TK motor (Storengveien 21) in Alta.

From there we will provide clothing and expedition-activity information. Then we will head to the snowmobiles, and start our epic journey!

The snowmobiles are located by the Stilla river, from where you will get to drive the snowmobile to our first destination - the Jotka mountain lodge, for a break from driving, and some hot beverages.

Our journey continues to the Iesjavri lake - the largest lake in Finnmark and of one remote areas in Europe. From there we will drive to the final destination, the Suossjavri mountain lodge, from where there will be plenty of opportunities to get the warmth back into your body, in the form of hut tub and sauna. 

Then, we will serve a traditional sami dinner, the meals the sami people have enjoyed for hundreds of years. In sami tradition, the evenings are spent in the lavvo, relaxing. Ofcourse, with the opportunites of alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages (alcoholic beverages are not included).

Day two

Start of the day with breakfast in the mountain lodge - during which we will provide information for the planned activies. 

After breakfast, we will head to our location of the day - a reindeer herder camp, some kilometers from the mountain lodge. The reindeer herder will show us his reindeer herd, and how it is possible to live in a traditional way, even in the 2020's. Our friendly neighbour reindeer herder will serve lunch in the lavvo, or by the fire - depending on the weather.

During lunch there will be storytelling and good conversations. When everyone is well-fed we will try our hands at some lasso-throwing in the way the sami people have been doing for thousands of years - with instructions from a true professional. Then, we will head back to the mountain lodge with opportunites for more snowmobile driving, and hot tub and sauna, before dinner.

As usual, we spend our evenings relaxing in the lavvo.


Day three

As usual, we start our day with some good breakfast in the mountain lodge - preparing for the journey back to Alta. 

The journey back will be a total of 60 kilometers, don't worry about the long distance, we will have a stop in the Jotka mountain lodge again, for some hot beverages.At arrival back in Alta, we will ofcourse provide transport back to your hotel or the airport.