Spring dog sledding on the ifjord plateau

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Duration: Day trip 2-4hours (1.trip / 2.trip)

Time:  10:00 AM - (12:00 / 14:00PM)

Season: 22th.May - 5.June

Price: 1950/2600 NOK pr. person.

Amoun: :Minimum 2 - Maximum 4. Or you can order singel sled trip. Booking link under "The experience".

Clothing: Clothes appropriate for the weather/trip.

Level of difficulty: Medium 

Accesibilty: This tour fits for most people. with normal health.

Included: Guide/musher,  hot beverages, sami culture and dog sledding insigth. (2.trip - ice fishing equipment)

Meeting point: Storelva parcking, raod FV 98. (link) 


The snowmobile season is over, but the winter season

is not.

We have two trips you can choose from.

Trip 1:

2 hours dog sledding on from Storelva up to the Ifjord plateau.

Booking link.


Trip 2:

4 hours trip. 2 hours dogsledding and 2 hours ice fishing. 

Ifjordfjellet is one of the best areas for fishing after trout, arctic char and mushing trips.

Booking link.



The experience

You get to put the dogs in to the harness and into the team. There will be served coffee and a lot of insights about the dogs, the area and the mushing lifestyle.


OBS: It’s possible to drive the dogs alone on the sled for a fee of 500 NOK

Booking single sled Trip1, link

Booking single sled Trip2, link