5 days packrafting trip

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Duration: 5 days

Time:  10:00 AM - or after reqest / wish.

Season: 13th.July - 30.September

Price: 12900 NOK pr. person.

Amount: Maximum: 6. Bigger groups: send a request

Clothing: You will need to have to sets off extra clothing with you on the trip. There is also a possibility to send a bag to the Mountain lodge so you can change when we get there. 

Level of difficulty: Medium 

Accesibilty: This tour fits for most people. with normal health.

Included: Guide, packraft, tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, lifejacket, breakfast, lunsj, dinner. sami culture insight and sauna the last day

Recommended to bring: Backpack, good walking shoes, water bottle, snacks,

Not included: Alcohol

Meeting point: Alta airport (link), or by request. 


The experience

Lifetime memories guarantee. Paddle over the most remote place in Norway where the goal is to be one with nature.

This trip is relaxing, you leave the stress behind and let the thoughts flow.

Paddling is a low-impact activity, which reduces the risk of wear and tear on joints compared to many other activities. Its also exiting to drift and paddle down a river like Iesjohka. The river have starches of slow flowing river and whitewater.

This is a trip where we paddle most of the trip. The raft we use is a packraft. It’s a vesicle that only ways 4 kilos. Packrafts are forgiving—they bounce of rocks, float over shallow obstacles, and don't require leaning technique (which has a steep learning curve). This makes packrafts great for new paddlers, keeping you safe and helping you have more fun while learning whitewater paddling.

In the start there will be some starches where we have to walk, if you don’t like the thought of walking the first day then we can arrange transport to the first camp site for a extra fee, let us know in advance. Everyone caries their own equipment needed for the trip. We courage you to take only the most essential things with you so it will fit in the backpack.

We will sleep there nights in the tent, and the last one in the mountain lodge, but if some one wants to spend one of the nights in a cabin instead of the tent – that can be arranged. The cost will be around 850 NOK, let us know in advance and we will make the arrangements.

There will be a lot of chances to fish. The area is known for gigantic trout, arctic char and salmon. We recommend to take a lights rod (telescope) with additional equipment with you. If you don’t have a rod or a backpack, don’t worry, we can rent you a rod for 150NOK and backpack for 200NOK for the trip.

Under the paddle there will be focus on the nature and the silence. This is a zen trip where you get a chance to enjoy the soundings in one of the most remote areas of Norway. This is something that will give you creed before and after from family and friends.

When we get down to the Suossjavri mountain lodge there will be a chance to take a refreshing sauna, change to new clothing and enjoy a dinner made on the lodge while reminiscing the trip.

After this trip you can say you have paddled crossed the entire Finnmark plateau by boat - likes incoming.  

Transport back to Alta is include.

Information (links) about the named places: 

* Iesjavri - the lagrest lake in Finnmark

* Iesjohka - the river we are following. Wikipedia link and the tanavassdrag link