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Pike fishing in Karasjok

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4300 NOK pr. person*. 8-9hours

Hunt for the largest fish in the lakes, the pike – a montrously large fish. This is the sportsfishers dream catch.


Season: May – October

Duration: Day-trip (8-9 hours)

Time: From 10:00 to 18:00

Group prices available: 

1 pax = 4300NOK per person (adult)

2 pax = 2500NOK per person

3-4 pax = 1750NOK per person

Children, under 12 years = Free

Youth, 12-18 years. = 500NOK

Amount: Min. 1 person – Max. 4 people. If you are a bigger group, contact us. 

Level of difficulty: Medium, you will fish from shore ore boat with a guide.

Accesibilty: This tour fits for most people. We will help you with solutions in case of disabilites.

Included: Sami hot meal, hot beverages, fishing equpiment, fishing guide, sami culture insight, boat and 

Meeting point: Scandic Hotel Karasjok


The pike fishing experience 

When fishing for pike, you are hunting the biggest and baddest fish in the lake.

The tour will start in Karasjok, meeting point at either Scandic Hotel Karasjok or Karasjok Camping.

When arriving at the fishing spot you will be provided with fishing gear and guided with the best spots and techniques for fishing pike. We have never experienced not getting fish on our trips. We also practice traditional fishing and we also practice re-release of the largest fish that cannot be used as food.

We can agree in advance whether the fish will be taken as food or whether we will release everything back out.

After a while with fishing, we will make a camp and lunch will be served, a Sami traditional hot meal that we served. The guide will tell you about the Sami people, the area, our rich culture and they way of living of the people that live here.

After lunsh we will go out fishing again, until its time to head back to Karasjok.


Fishing for pike is one of the most exciting things you can do at summertime. We have lots and lots of great lakes here in Karasjok with big pikes.

‘’The Nordic crocodile’’ can get up to 15 kg and will give a good fight. The pike has a big mouth full of sharp teeth and very aggressive when they are hunting for food.

We will help you with the rules and fishing fee. Read more at