familiebåt med plass til halve nabolaget
One day outside paddling with family or friends – wilderness camping with sauna and hot tub
familiebåt med plass til halve nabolaget

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A relaxing group activity for friends or family. Suitable for calm summer days


Duration: 9 hours

Time: 0900 – 1800 – or at request

Season: 1th.June – 30.September

Price: 3000 NOK pr day 

Amount: Up to 8 pax 

Clothing: Clothes appropriate for the weather 

Level of difficulty: Easy

Accesibilty: This tour fits for most people, with normal health.

Included: Big paddle boat, lifejackets, paddle ore, drop off to the starting point, wildernees camp, sauna, lavvu, hot tub and more. 

Meeting point: Scandic Karasjok (link) 

About the wilderness camp

The wilderness camp is located in Vullosnjarga near to the Karasjok river. Here we have a puay, lavvu (sami tent), outdoors toilet, sauna, hot tub and a campfire place.

The camp is only accessible by water or walking.

The space of the wilderness camp has been used as an old settlement for Sami small-scale pastoralists. Nature has taken back the place and now you can barely see the remains of the farm workers.

It will be possible to cook at the wilderness camp. The food that can be prepared is that which can be grilled over a fire. It is also possible to order food for the campsite. This must be agreed in advance with us at Samipath.


The paddle experience

We meet up at Scanic hotel Karasjok, near the sapmi park.

From there we will drive up to the starting point of the trip, Ásebakti. There you will get your gear for the trip.

The river is a slow flowing river all the way down to the wilderness camp and the Karasjok bridge. This is a zentrip. On this trip you will see the life on and by the river.

We recommend using all the countless beautiful beaches that can be found on the trip down the river.

You will paddle on you own, the paddle is very easy. The river is slow going and has no rapids on the trip down to the wildernees camp and city senter of Karasjok.

We recommend that you bring something to drink and some snacks. The Karasjok river is safe to drink from.

We will meet you again by the Karasjok bridge, you will get the contact information for the person who will be responsible for collecting all the equipment when you arrive at the bridge.

About the river:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karasjohka