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Our upcoming projects, for these - you need to contact us.

Bushcraft skills
The sami-path bike run

Cycling at the Finnmarkplatau equals gentle rides through mountain logdes and magnificent nature. 


So bone up on the following skills, because some day you might need them.

Salmon safari

Floating freely along with the peacful current of the Kàràsjohka river..

Stopover Karasjok

The Karasjok packedge. Things to see and do in Karasjok. 

Photo: Jan Helmer Olsen

Snowmobile trip with the reindeer herder from the mountain logde

6h 4500.- 

Mountain lodge mountain biking
Haiking trips 

The hidden north. Nature can be the best medicine. Consider a long hiking trip that shot straight into heart. 

Gold- and gemstonepanning

Mine and panning for precious metals  in Karasjok. Gold Panning, search for emeralds and other gemstones. 

Mountain lodge - grouse hunt
moose safari.png

Bear & Moose Safari

Salmon fishing.png

Trout fishing

duck hunt.jpg

Duck hunting

Equipment rental and shop

Shop: Samipathshop is a handcraft and wildernees shop.


Rental: We rent out all kinds of equipment needed for going on a adventure, everything from kayaks and tents for the summer adventurer, but also lavvos, clothing and sleepings bags for the winter adventurer. And lots more! 

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Food & Catering

We are lucky enough to have a extraordinarily talented chef on our team. Soon we will offer catering as a bookable service, until then, contact us if you want catering for you or your event.

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Arctic char fishing 

The northernmost freshwater fish in the world, the Arctic char. The favorite fish of the people who live in the north.

Glamping and tentlife 

For everyone who loves Camping, Hiking and everything outdoors.

Mountain lodges on the plateau 

The hidden mountain lodges of the finnmark plateau is something everyone has do visit once in there lifetime.

Paddling trips

Paddle along a beautiful stretches of the gorgeous  river  system of Tana.

Packraft Iešjohka
4900 NOK pr. person*. 48hours

Packraft from Suossjavri down Iešjohka. 

We ride across the intense rapids of Iešjohka.

Expeditions and seasonal tours

Why not make the most of your visit to northern Norway? We offer exclusive expeditions year round. This is for specially interested ones, who want to experience the nature in its close-up, and in its longevity.

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Accommodation and cabin rental 

 Escape the stresses of big city life and enjoy the peace of the nature in on of our wilderness cabins. 

Photo Jan Helmer Olsen 


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