Reindeer taming 

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Duration: 2 hours

Time: 10:00-12:00    or    19:00-21:00,

Season: Desember - 10.April

Price: 1945 NOK pr. person

Amount: Min. 2 people. Max 14 people.

Clothing: Warm winter clothes, and shoes. We do not rent out clothes, for this event.

Level of difficulty: Easy/medium, depending of what activites you participate in.

Accesibilty: This tour fits for most people. We will help you with solutions in case of disabilites.

Included: Guide, 1 traditional meal and hot drink. 

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The life of a reindeer herder 

Ever wondered how the sami people live of thrive under the hard 

conditions in the north? Try it yourself! We will take you to a reindeer 

herd, and show you how the sami people have herded and tamed 

reindeer for hundreds of years. This is an really authentic experience

where you will be able to do the same things the sami people have done for so long.

Experiences creates memories!


The calmness of being with reindeer is special, we think most people should experience it.


In all our activities we can insure:

·      Real sámi guide who has first-hand information about sámi people, culture and reindeer husbandry

·      Close and intense meeting with reindeer

·      A taste of traditional sámi food at the fire


Reindeer taming

Join us on our daily work with taming our reindeers in the traditional sámi way. We drive with a car from Kárášjohka to our reindeer corral at Sáđejoht-njálbmi, about 20 minutes drive from Karasjok. We serve hot drinks and snacks.

Duration two hours. Times; In the morning at 1000 - 1200 and in the evening at 1900 – 2100. 




You can also book this two tours (under) by sending us a reqest on e-mail. 

 1.) Tour:       Gárdde lusa  

Enjoy a tour along frozen river Kárášjohka and Iešjohka in snowmobile sled to get to the reindeer corrals, and join us on our daily work with taming our reindeers in the traditional sámi way.

We can insure a close and intense meeting with reindeer, and first-hand information about sámi culture. We enjoy a traditional reindeer herder lunch at the fireplace.

Duration 6 hours.

NOK 4545,-. Minimum 2 persons.  


2.) Tour:       Ealo lusa

 The best way to learn about the sámi way of life is behind a reindeer.

 Have you ever wondered how it is to be in touch with the nature? Now you have the chance to experience it! We do it old school, and go to our reindeerherd with reindeers pulling the sleds.

 You will handle and drive »your own» reindeer with sled along frozen river and through snow-clad forests. After around 1 hour enjoying nature and calmness in the sled we will arrive the reindeerherd. Depending on the weather, we enjoy a traditional reindeer herder lunch in a lávvu-tent or under open sky. Part of our reindeerherd will be around to fireplace or tent, and you can feed and enjoy the close and intensive encounter with our animals.

Duration 6 – 7 Hours. 

7795,- pr. person. Minimum 2 persons.



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