Riverboat safari with dinner

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Riverboat Safari

Riverboat Safari

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Duration: Day-trip (3-4 hours)

Season: 1.th June - 30.September

Time: At reqest. Send us a message or call us 

Price: 1200NOK pr. person.

Amount: 1 to 40 PAX.

Clothing: Clothes appropriate for windy conditions. 

Level of difficulty: Easy, you get to sit in a comfy riverboat, with benches (see picture to right).

Accesibilty: This tour fits for most people. We will help you with solutions in case of disabilites.

Included: Guide, hot sami meal, hot beverages, sami culture insight, transport with boat.

Meeting point: North side of Karasjok bridge. Click here for map >


The experience

Meeting point at Karasjok bridge.

Our guide will inform you about

the tour and all the details. You will each get a lifejacket

and a blanket if needed. The trip will start with a 30 minutes

bout trip to the lavvo (a sami tent), there you will be met with

a fire, hot beverage and cozy seating on reindeer pelts. 

Then you will be served a Sámi traditional meal, called

bidus. It’s made of potatoes, carrots, onion, flavor and

reindeer meat.  After dinner the guide will tell you about

the Sámi people and our culture. We recommend you to ask

our guide anything you wonder about our culture.


  • The trip will start at the north side of Karasjok bridge, so that is where you will meet up. 

  • 30 minutes boattrip to the location. 

  • Sami traditional meal with beverages in a lavvo, a lavvo is a Sami traditional tent. 

  • Sami culture insight, the guide will tell you about the Sami people and our ways. 

  • Outdoors activities 

  • 30 minutes boattrip back to Karasjok bridge