A Night Under the Clear Sky

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accommodation tent Karasjok overnatting ute på vidda


Duration: 14 hours 

Time: 20:00 - 10:00

Season: 1th Nov. - 30th April

Price: 3500 NOK pr. person, 

(2500NOK 12-17 years,

1200NOK 4-12 years)

Amount: Max 10 people. 

Clothing: You will need warm winter clothes, and shoes. Let us know if you need to rent some. 

Level of difficulty: Medium 

Accesibilty: This tour fits for most people with normal health. 

Included: Sleeping bag, cheese and salt meat plate, breakfast and hot drink.

Meeting point: Scandic hotel Karasjok (link)

nordlys aurora borealis accommodation tent karasjok snow plateau

The experience

Have you ever wanted to sleep outside under the stars? Samipath have a lot of options. We have a big varieties of tents, lavvus (sami tepee), snow cave, venor gamme, hammock. popup or under the clear sky. This is a opportunity to have a experience you can brag about. Inkluded is a cheese and dry aged meat plate, warm drinks and breakfast. If this sounds like something you would like to do, contact us.

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Opplevelsen (Norwegian) 

En smak av villmarkslivet i nærheten av Karasjok. har du lyst å sove ute under åpen himmel? Samipath tilbyr overnatting i telt, venorgamme, snøhule, pop-up telt, hengekøye, lavvu eller under åpen himmel. Inkludert i pakken: Sovepose, ostefat med spekemat til kvelds. Kaffe og te etter maten og frokost.