Duration:  2 hours

Time: We are flexible *** below in the text.

Season: 1th Nov. - 30th April

Price: 1250 NOK pr. person

Amount:  Max xxx people. 

Activity: xxx.

IncludedBicycle and snacks by the campfire.

Clothing: You need warm clothing, appropriate for biking in cold weather. Unfortunately we do not provide clothing on this service.  Clothing tips, link.

Level of difficulty: Medium, you have to be in be at normal health.

The address, to the lodge / the meeting point, link. 


The mountain lodge

The experience


In the past few years, the fat bike market has exploded, and so has the possibilities for riding in the snow.
Fatbikes are user-friendly and they handle like a dream. The fatebike are also great for beginner cyclists in general, and they give a biking experience like no other bike can give in the snow. 
The wider tires on a fat bike provide more traction in both dirt and snow, which allows the bikes to climb uphill like no other bike can. They also take corners better than almost any bike and are fun to lock up and slide around on packed snow.
Most riders take their fat bikes out in the colder months, which means dressing for the weather is a must. Think layers and carry a pack to store those layers. Also, it’s just as easy to overheat, sweat and suffer hypothermia when riding in the cold as it is to under-dress and be miserable. Clothing will vary depending on user comfort and the weather, but a good rule is to protect your hands and face first. Our guides will give you the proper advices before start. This is a bike ride like no other, and is something that every biker should expense once in there lifetime. 

*** We are very flexible on the start time of the trip. The time on the booking page is just a guideline.  Let us know when you want to go biking in the “massage” when you order the trip.

The mountain lodge has accommodation possibilities. Facilities are such as sauna, dinner and more.