Daytrip with snowmobile & 3-course meal

Foto: Jan Helmer Olsen 


Duration: Day-trip (3-4 hours)

Time: From 11:00 to 14:00 or 15:00 to 18:00

Season: 15th Nov. - 15th April 

Price: 2000NOK pr. person

Amount: Max 6 people.

Clothing: Warm winter clothes, and shoes. We will provide you with appropriate clothing.

Level of difficulty: Easy, you get to sit in a comfy snowmobile sled. 

Accesibilty: This tour fits for most people. We will help you with solutions in case of disabilites.

Included: Guide, 3-course meal and hot drink. Experienced local snowmobile driver, and some camping equipment.

Meeting point: Jeagilvarmadii 54, Karasjok

The experience

Why bother with a ordinary restaurant when you can enjoy your meal in

fantatastic outdoors surroundings? Our guides will make you and/or your family a traditional sami 3-course meal.

We will take you to a viewpoint over Karasjok, and cook your dinner over a open fire. During the meal, our guides will tell you about sami culture, and storytelling. There will be optional activies.