Visit a reindeer herd with snowmobile

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Duration: Day-trip (8 hours)

Time: From 09:00 to 17:00 (1 hour for preparation).

Price: 4550 NOK pr. person

Amount: Min. 1 people. Max 13 people.

Clothing: Warm winter clothes, and shoes. We rent out clothes, but you have to tell us in advance, at the booking section.

Level of difficulty: Medium, you get to drive a snowmobile.

Accesibilty: This tour does is not recommended if you have difficulty moving in snow due to disabilities.

The experience

Get the excitement of driving a snowmobile in beautiful surroundings.

Start the journey in Karasjok camping, then you will drive a snowmobile, accompanied by a experienced guide. 

There will be instructions on how to drive the snowmobile before we start our journey. 

Imagine driving through amazing woods, and over
the snow covered hills. Experience our winter landscape up close!

Let’s drive to a local reindeer herder where we join his sledge since only herders are allowed to drive in that area. We will experience the reindeer herd close up, followed by a hot sami meal in a traditional tent before we head back, full of new impressions!

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Foto: Jil Yngland

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Foto: Alessandro Belleli