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Riverboat safari in Karasjok
1200 NOK pr. person. 3-4hours

Best seller

One week of 
gold panning in Anarjok
17900 NOK pr. person. 150hours
Hiking the mountains by the Tanafjord
3250 NOK pr. person*. 35hours
Pike fishing in Karasjok
4300 NOK pr. person*. 8-9hours
Grouse hunt in Karasjok
13000 NOK per person. 144hours
Helping you plan the expedition / trip
Trophy moose hunting in Norway
25000 NOK per person. 144hours
Spring dog sledding Ifjordfjellet
1950-2600 NOK per person. 2-4hours
Salmon fishing in Kárásjohka, day trip
2900 NOK per person. 6hours

New projects, adventues under construction.

Because of the customizable nature of these activies, they are not bookable... yet. If you want to book one of these activies, contact us by clicking on the "contact us" button at the top of the page.

Mountain lodge mountain biking
Haiking trips 
Gold- and gemstonepanning
Packraft the great lake - river
12900 NOK pr. person*. 120hours
Glamping and tentlife 
Arctic char fishing 
Mountain lodge - grouse hunt
Mountain lodges on the plateau 

Bear & Moose Safari

Trout fishing

Paddling trips
Packraft Iešjohka
4900 NOK pr. person*. 48hours

Duck hunting