About Samipath

Samipath is the leading activity provider in Karasjok and offers a wide range of activities throughout the year. With us, you can embrace the stunning landscape around Karasjok, learn about the Sámi culture and the way of life of the northern Norwegian people. Samipath's philosophy is based on humour, knowledge and quality. We are proud to offer the very best that inner Finnmark has to offer through our tours.

Samipath is a locally owned family company with almost 20 years of experience and knowledge. Our key to success is based on maintaining a strong local connection through close engagement with local landowners, activity operators, guides and other suppliers. We are committed to delivering the very best for our partners and guests. We want to be a role model for others and ensure a better tourism destination for our guests.

We can handle from 1 to 50 guests on our activities, we can offer you private experiences and we can offer you group experiences. We know our partners and we know what our guests expect. We look forward to seeing you in Karasjok.

Photos provided by Jan Helmer Olsen

Many of our beautiful photos we use on this website (like the ones above) are taken by Jan Helmer Olsen. He is a talented photographer and he has been kind enough to let us use his photos. We at Samipath highly recommend that you check out his website for more photos of Karasjok, the northern lights and much more related to life in the north.


Security provided by ProAdepto

Safety is an important theme for all our activities. To ensure you have an exciting - and safe - experience, we make sure that all our excursions comply with Norway's HSE regulations. All our HSE activities are delivered by Norway's leading HSE advisors in the travel industry - ProAdepto AS. As a supplier of many activities, we also require that all our partners follow our standards and can provide us with documented HSE plans and risk assessments of high quality. Look for the ProAdepto logo if you want to be sure that your activities are safe AND exciting!