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One week grouse hunting, Karasjok – September

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Grouse hunt in Karasjok

20000 NOK per camp – one week

Grouse hunt at the Finnmark plateau gives you a hunting exercise like no other in Norway. The enormous quality habitats for birds can seem limitless. The hunting grounds has lots of birds and very few other hunters


Duration: One week hunting 

Time:  September

Season: 10th.September – 1.November

Price: 20000 NOK pr. camp 

Amount: 2 persons 

Clothing: Clothes appropriate for the weather. 

Level of difficulty: Medium 

Accesibilty: This tour fits for most people. with normal health.

Included: Prepared hunting camp, and ATV transport 

Meeting point: Sápmi Park Karasjok (link)


The experience

Before you come, we would like to talk to you. Topics that will be taken up are health, hunting experience, whether you hunt with or without a dog and what extra equipment you might have needed.

When you arrive in Karasjok, we will go over the basics, look a little at the area you will be hunting in and put some focus on safety on the trip.

Weekly schedule;

  • Day 1 – Arrival Karasjok and transfer to hunting camp
  • Day 2 – 6 – Hunting
  • Day 7 – Return from the hunting grounds

Our general program is 7 days, of which 5 hunting days. But its possible to. It will be possible to extend the hunting stay if you wish.

The program is set up so that you will hunt by yoursself without a guide. If it is most appropriate, then we will set up the hunting camp together, but it may also happen that we set up the hunting camp before you arrive.

Staying at one of our mountain camps out in the hunting area makes your stay more exciting. You live and spend the night among the grouse and can hear them while you are resting in the camp. Quality and comfort are very important to us, but we still want you to feel the nature and be one with it. We do our utmost to make your stay pleasant and memorable.

We offer stay in standard venorgamme or in popup tents, the tents are equipment with gasheater or wood-burning oven, foldable beds lined with reindeer skins or other soft material.

This offer includes a hunting camp and the transport from Karasjok up to the hunting camp. If you are wondering which equipment is a good idea to bring, this is something that we can talk about in the preparatory phone calls.

Samipath don’t have permanent locations for the tent-camps, the hunting camp locations will be decided some time before arrival.  This is to get the best hunting spot for you guys – the choice of the camp is based on where we have observed the most birds during the summer.

In some hunting areas there are good fishing opportunities. If this is something that might be of interest, we can investigate whether it is possible to combine hunting and fishing.

More info send a mail or call us for a hunting chat.


This year’s bird count. Statistics for the area:

Hunting license:

Hunting rules in Finnmark:
Hunting areas:


This year, we will also publish a hunting offer that includes a cabin.
The offer is NOK 37,000 and is an offer that we do not normally publish. The offer has previously been reserved for previous guests.

The offer includes up to 4 people and a cabin with its simple facilities. The cabin is quite deserted so it is only used in the winter.

The scheme is simple. You will be transported across a body of water by boat and there will also be a walk of approx. 3 km to the cabin. It will be possible to have your equipment transported in, but this must be agreed in advance and the price will depend on how much luggage you have with you.

There are no other cabins in the hunting field, so this offer has previously been very attractive to our guests.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about this special offer.